• Software for critical infrastructures

    Software for public safety

    Monitor and protect your vital infrastructures with our observation and security software. From measuring and security control systems to high grade secure communications.
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  • Electronics and software for manufacturing and hightech industry

    Tailor-made high-tech innovations

    Cutting-edge innovations based on electronics, programmable logic or (embedded) software. Our fully customized solutions offer great benefits. Especially in complex applications.
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  • Smart electricity grids

    Smart grid technologies

    Build your sustainable electricity suppy chain with advanced measuring, network asset management and data communications. Smart solutions for a smooth energy transition.
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  • Traffic management systems

    Comprehensive mobility solutions

    Shape tomorrow's mobility with our software ands sensors. From multimodal traffic management and safety control systems for land and water, to practical solutions for public transport.
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Who we are

Leading technology integrator for reliable innovations. Find out our strengths.
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Policy on COVID-19

We have taken several measures to ensure the continuity of our services.
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